Expérience d'achat de Lisa Trup

Lisa Trup, who wants to refurbish her dining space and living room, found us in live chat with her question.

She’s in fond of our wallpaper but the colour is too strong to match her space, so she’d like to change the colour of it.

According to her requirement, our designer re-modify the mural colour into several samples and then we sent her all to choose.

Then Lisa Trup hoped to see whether changing a different colour altogether would be better.

Our designer also redesign the mural accordingly and sent her the renderings in a quite short time.

Such step-by-step modification made Lisa Trup gradually realize what’s the optimum wallpaper mural she really desired, and then she presented her needs and sent us the picture of her room.

We’re also happy to see Lisa Trup’s real needs. Then our designer and staff efficiently complete the modification and mockup images.

However, since we promptly found that we missed a tiny aadjustment of a flower, we told Lisa Trup quickly and remade the mural and mockup images.

Eventually, we created the most satisfying version of this mural and Lisa Trup placed her deal on our website.

We felt quite meaningful that through our bilateral joint efforts, a beautiful life story ubveiling its prelude in the brand new space.